Saturday 30 April 2011

X rated your a casualty

X rated your a casualty - Psyche

Being a casualty to yourself is what it's all about here. It's about holding lies that either backfire, or are never let out and can tear you apart. There two main types of lies, the ones you kept, and the ones you tell yourself. It's ones that you tell yourself can either benefit your life or desty it. Telling yourself your amazing each day is fine, it's good to feel good about yourself. The ones which you dont want to hear and lie to yourself on a daily basis are the ones which can haunt your life.

Some lies are meant to be shared, it's all about balance, and knowing what needs to be heard

Kiss N Tell you really should have kept it in your pants

Kiss N Tell you really should have kept it in your pants - Ke$ha

Sleeping around is the theme of this shoot so I had to add a little nudity in! I shot my own take at the recent Supreme advertising campaign of Lady Gaga. I'm actually in love with this t-shirt that I got in Camden. It's fun, it's 3D, it's a bit too childlike, and it's printed on a fit colour of pink. It's perfect for this shoot, the themes surrounding it are in perfect contrast to the lyrics

Friday 29 April 2011

Queen of the club scene

Queen of the club scene - Jefree Star

Today is the Royal Wedding, so heres a royal themed post! Skipping to Q now and another Jefree Star lyric. Shot in the style of famous portraits of Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe, this photo has a pop art feel and a bit of Rocky Horror Show added in. Drag is all about an alterego, having fun, and being tottaly over the top. Some people see it as something to escape to, others see it as just abit of fun.

So get your tiaras out and celebrate today in style, afterall, it's not often everyone gets a day off!

Jealousy look what its done

Jealousy look what its done - Good Charlotte

Jealousy is a horrible thing. It's probably THE most unattractive thing a person can have. Jealousy can make you do stupid things, it can make you say things, do things, it can basically destroy your life. Many films are created with themes of jealousy, ones which have less make good romantic comedies, ones with too much jealousy can make the best horror movies. It really sums up life, sometimes a little bit of jealousy can be good, other times it can make your life hell.

Thursday 28 April 2011

Infect me with your love and fill me with your posion

Infect me with your love and fill me with your posion - Katy Perry

This is one of my favourite lyrics used in this project. The first time i heard the song, which was the day the album was realised, I just loved these lyrics. The music industry is very sex originated now, and these lyrics are clearly about sex, however, the music video puts the lyrics in a different content. This photo is all about lust, it's wanting something so much, that you just want to be a part of every single little bit.

Lust is fine, love is fine, not wearing protection isn't fine.

Dress me im your mannequin

Dress me im your mannequin - Lady Gaga

A loss of identity is something that anyone can feel at any given time. Many people wanted to be dressed, or in other words, want to be given a set of rules to abide by. Fashion is about rules, certain things come in and out of fashion all the time and everyone is almost forced to abide by these rules. Lyrics can be interpreted in different ways, the way I look at this, is wanted to be a mannequin, wanting to be told what to do, and wanting to be experimented on. Fashion is all about trying new things and adapting others, experimenting is just part of that, something’s fail, but some exceed.

Beauty Killer

Beauty Killer - Jefree Star

Red roses, red playing cards, red smiling faces, they’ve all been used as killers calling cards in films or tv. Red lips have also been used, and it's this which the shoot is based on. Roses, playing cards, lips, they have been used, but they all have one thing in common, there all symbols for love. The red roses, the queen of hearts, a lovers kiss, it seems strange that love and murder are connected together to form this oxymoron. The lyrics in this song are all about being a beauty killer, someone incredibly vain with killer looks. The lips on the body here are calling cards left on the victim, but the model is till alive, and the same red lipstick is on the model. The question here, is did someone leave the red lip marks on the skin, or is it in fact an illusion, used to signify the love the model has for himself, almost too much, and really they are the victim of their beauty.

That bad girl power I got, I'll abuse it tonight

That bad girl power I got, I'll abuse it tonight - Nicole Scherzinger

Everyone likes a bit of girl power in their life, ever since the Spice Girls dominated the charts with it, but the power I’m looking at here, is a little darker. I was initially going to have a super villain themed shoot here, but I thought why not play homage to Black Swan. I saw the trailers for this film over a year ago, I saw it the first week it came out actually and was already hyped to see the film. I was surprised that so many people wanted to see the film when it did come out. I thought it was going to be another film I would have to drag my friends along to watch it, but when it did come out, most saw it before me. The film is all emotions from within, and that inner power you can harness if you find it.

It's what makes you strong in life so find it, embrace it, and live it

Tuesday 26 April 2011

Animal, I am a cannibal

Animal, I am a cannibal - Ke$sha

It's good to have a little bit of horror in your life, after all life isn't sugar coated and plain sailing. Ke$sha as an artist that fits my style, she’s creative, but her edges are a little rough. She also doesn't take herself too seriously. After all this is the girl who made a bin bag dress for the red carpet.
The moral of this photo is that were all animals, we all have that animal instinct, and that comes through in people more so than others. Throughout history there have been real life cannibals, people who eat people. And if you really think about, is that wrong? Well of course it, but if we didn’t think that, and didn’t have a moral ground, people could be genetically modified in battery farms. Some people already modify their bodies by things such as protein shakes. Were all animals, just dressed in clothes.