Tuesday 26 April 2011

Animal, I am a cannibal

Animal, I am a cannibal - Ke$sha

It's good to have a little bit of horror in your life, after all life isn't sugar coated and plain sailing. Ke$sha as an artist that fits my style, she’s creative, but her edges are a little rough. She also doesn't take herself too seriously. After all this is the girl who made a bin bag dress for the red carpet.
The moral of this photo is that were all animals, we all have that animal instinct, and that comes through in people more so than others. Throughout history there have been real life cannibals, people who eat people. And if you really think about, is that wrong? Well of course it, but if we didn’t think that, and didn’t have a moral ground, people could be genetically modified in battery farms. Some people already modify their bodies by things such as protein shakes. Were all animals, just dressed in clothes.

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