Thursday 28 April 2011

Beauty Killer

Beauty Killer - Jefree Star

Red roses, red playing cards, red smiling faces, they’ve all been used as killers calling cards in films or tv. Red lips have also been used, and it's this which the shoot is based on. Roses, playing cards, lips, they have been used, but they all have one thing in common, there all symbols for love. The red roses, the queen of hearts, a lovers kiss, it seems strange that love and murder are connected together to form this oxymoron. The lyrics in this song are all about being a beauty killer, someone incredibly vain with killer looks. The lips on the body here are calling cards left on the victim, but the model is till alive, and the same red lipstick is on the model. The question here, is did someone leave the red lip marks on the skin, or is it in fact an illusion, used to signify the love the model has for himself, almost too much, and really they are the victim of their beauty.

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