Saturday 7 May 2011

Got poision dripping from my lips

Got poision dripping from my lips - Nicole Scherzinger

Stepping back to the horror aspects of VANITY NIGHTMARE and I bring you the latest vampire inspired shoot. Love them or hate them, vampires have been in our culture, and in fact every culture across the world. I’m fascinated by stories such as vampires or other mythical creatures because all these beliefs started somewhere, out of some fear, or maybe it actually happened to someone. No-one will ever know, but everyone likes a bit of mystery in their life. This shoot has the model with blood running down the hand. The other hand is holding onto a bar. This links the vampires and bat link as many people believe vampires hang upside down.

Believe them or not, they are part of our culture. I'll never understand why some people laugh at others for believing in Vampires, when there’s just as much evidence that these exists than the evidence that shows there is a God, or Jesus who preformed miracles.

Friday 6 May 2011

Untouched and I want you so much

Untouched and I want you so much - The Veronicas

I like the innocence of this lyric, it's quite virgin like and was going to be themed in this way. I settled for my own take, diamonds. Everyone knows what diamonds are, crystal clear rocks of high value. The model here represents a diamond before it's been cut, or even dug up. Diamonds want to be found, if they are like people they would love to be pride of place on a necklace or diamond ring. There the centre of attention rocks lusting to be found.

Lollipop luxury

Lollipop luxury - Jefree Star

Everyone needs a little bit of luxury in their life and here is no exception. The first time I think of when I think of luxury is velvet. Velvet then makes me think of being surrounded in it, which makes me think of drowning in it, which then makes me of water. My thought process is pretty spread out but it works out in the end. I think everyone dreams of swimming in a pool of chocolate of something, well I know I do, and here I’m drowning in a pool of water with some added sequins, can't forget the sequins.

Just like luxury, everyone needs sequins in their life.

Thursday 5 May 2011

Wanna be my licorice

Wanna be my licorice - Jefree Star

VANITY NIGHTMARE covers a few different issues and here the issue is bulimia. There’s many types of eating disorders and is just one of them. I think there’s something really interesting with bulimia as the person who’s making themselves sick because of it, wants to eat the food, but doesn't. I think everyone has felt guilty at points thinking, oh i feel bad for eating that pudding, I mean, people don't exactly want to be fat. I felt that bulimia fit well here, it's wanting some and craving it, but then throwing it up. I don't really understand the logic in this disorder. It's about wanting something, but not wanting it at the same time.

The key in life is knowing what you want, you can't get something unless you want it. The main question is, do you actually want it, it's like buying some more clothes, do you need them, or do you want them.

X rated your a causality

X rated your a causality - Psyche

The themes surrounding this shoot are being a causality to yourself, and here it's through plastic surgery. People have these operations to alter parts of their body they don't like and the pain they must endure is immense. Other people have this surgery for reason beyond vanity, some people need this for example if injured in a crash or in a war. This shoot looks at the Hollywood glamour side of things, it's the fact that to begin with, many famous celebrities or known people would hide the fact they had any work done. Now things have changed and more and more people admit to having it done. It's seen as a norm now. This shoot has a mixture of glamour and pain.

The shoot is really about have insecurities, and trying to change these through your looks. The fact is that sometimes you can't change how you feel about yourself, and here is the model really in pain because of the procedure, or is the model is dealing with inner pain, something that no instrument can heal.

Wednesday 4 May 2011

Electric sugar pop

Electric sugar pop - Jefree Star

VANITY NIGHTMARE deals with a lot of suicide issues, and mistakes. This shoot is a bit of both really, shot in the bath the model here is getting electrocuted by lights. This shoot was going to be full on bright colours and sweets, and indeed the shoot did look like this. In post production I was thinking about how it would be shot, if this actually happened. All lights in the house would be going mad, they would be on for a second, then off again. This photo now looks like it was taken in a pitch black room, with the only lights being the ones in the bath. The movement is clear from the blurred effect on the lights.