Monday 2 May 2011

French Kissed

French Kissed - Lady Gaga

This lyric comes from the song 'Monster' and I think the song overall has some really nice lyrics within the song. I think it captures what love is all about, it's very spontaneous, it can end badly, and you expose your heart, and really people in love are quite vulnerable to harm. I've gone for the romantic look here. What says romance better than flowers, or in this case flowers on the face. I've captured what a French kiss is like, minus the tongues and interlocked lips. It's the eyes which I look at here. People will often have their eyes closed when kissing, it's kinda weird to look straight into their eyes, but if they did I’d imagine it would be filled with this intense stare, looking into the soul and the romance that there both captured within.

The moral of this shoot, is to never apply eyelash glue to your eye brows, take it from me!

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