Saturday 7 May 2011

Got poision dripping from my lips

Got poision dripping from my lips - Nicole Scherzinger

Stepping back to the horror aspects of VANITY NIGHTMARE and I bring you the latest vampire inspired shoot. Love them or hate them, vampires have been in our culture, and in fact every culture across the world. I’m fascinated by stories such as vampires or other mythical creatures because all these beliefs started somewhere, out of some fear, or maybe it actually happened to someone. No-one will ever know, but everyone likes a bit of mystery in their life. This shoot has the model with blood running down the hand. The other hand is holding onto a bar. This links the vampires and bat link as many people believe vampires hang upside down.

Believe them or not, they are part of our culture. I'll never understand why some people laugh at others for believing in Vampires, when there’s just as much evidence that these exists than the evidence that shows there is a God, or Jesus who preformed miracles.

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