Sunday 1 May 2011

Rhinestone my eyes closed

Rhinestone my eyes closed - Jefree Star

I love this lyric beacuase it makes no sense at all. I mean, who would want their eyes closed with rhinestones? I know this lyric is metaphoral but why? Well Rhinestones can add glamour to anything in seconds. They can be made of cheap materal but can look more epensive, even swarovski crystal like. With this in mind, it's good to add glamour, but why have the eyes closed? Theres something a little sick with this lyric, which is why I was keen to use it. Looking through a rhinestone is like looking underwater, and that brings me to the theme of this shoot.

It's a reminder of that things may seem crystal clear, or you might wanna say rhinestone clear, but really, you can be blinded by lies, and drowned within them.

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