Thursday 5 May 2011

Wanna be my licorice

Wanna be my licorice - Jefree Star

VANITY NIGHTMARE covers a few different issues and here the issue is bulimia. There’s many types of eating disorders and is just one of them. I think there’s something really interesting with bulimia as the person who’s making themselves sick because of it, wants to eat the food, but doesn't. I think everyone has felt guilty at points thinking, oh i feel bad for eating that pudding, I mean, people don't exactly want to be fat. I felt that bulimia fit well here, it's wanting some and craving it, but then throwing it up. I don't really understand the logic in this disorder. It's about wanting something, but not wanting it at the same time.

The key in life is knowing what you want, you can't get something unless you want it. The main question is, do you actually want it, it's like buying some more clothes, do you need them, or do you want them.

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