Tuesday 14 June 2011

Take a chance on me

Take a chance on me - Abba

Anyone who's ever tried to break into the fashion industry will know just how hard it is just to be heard, others know how easy it is. It's really about who you know, and timing. Unfortunately for me, i know zero people, and you could be the best at what you do, but still get nothing. Like any industry, the fashion industry is probably one of the most unorganized. First of all it's creative, and anyone who's creative knows that inspiration can hit you at the start of a deadline, or the night before. It's what makes fashion one of the most stressful jobs you can specialise in, and it's not for the faint hearted.

If you ever want to apply for an internship at any magazine, advertising firm, anywhere, when it comes to fashion, you may as well chuck it in the bin. I know from others, and myself, it doesn't matter if people tell you to apply for 30 places but you might only get 2 offers, the fact is, you apply for those 30 places, and not only will you get zero offers, your also get zero emails saying no. In fact, i was most surprised when Vogue sent me a letter in the post explaining they didn't have something which i was looking for. And i can tell you know, although the answer was no, knowing that they took the time to send me a letter meant everything to me.

I find that if fashion magazines are to survive, they not only need to listen to other people, but they need to make sure the magazine has a legacy, so it can live on after that editor has left. Fashion magazines are like stepping stones for anyone who's worked in them. You start at smaller, less known magazine, and you hop your way to another one, each time learning, each time getting a bigger pay check, and each time getting yourself known.

So, whats the point of this? Well if i know fashion, it's all about thinking out of the box, and when it comes to that, it's what I'm best in. I've tried the boring approach of formal CV's and covering letters, but the people reading them are just like me, and no wondering i got zero replies. Fashion all about standing out, so how can 2 sheets of A4 paper make you look the part?!

If your ever stuck trying to get that job, or internship, think about who your applying to. Never create a document which you can just change the name of the company each time and leave it at that. You have to make it personal, as anyone can send a bland A4 document by email. Send it by post, hand deliver it, do whatever you think you can. There's only a few amount of people who don't need to be told this, and it's the ones who don't are the ones who one day will have their names known to mass.

Inspiration hit me last night, I'm currently about to start a summer job, at something completely non fashion related, yes it's money, but a total waste of time. So being my nerdy self, lets call it geek chic for now, I've created a project!

A university student creating projects by them self, you know I'm desperate, fact is, i need to work, I'm a 100% workaholic!!

So I'll keep you posted, and updated when it comes to the project, i would share it with you, but i know how bitchy fashion is, and i know how easily ideas are stolen. All will be shown at a later date, it's a pretty big project so don't expect it to be finished this month, maybe next?!

Time to plan, research, everything a geek chic like me likes to do!

And to any magazine company who may be reading this post, know that i pretty much share everything, and I'm just another person who wants to learn new skills and actually give something to the magazine, you may not think you need it, but i don't think there's one fashion magazines out there that doesn't need a fresher look.

I may be 'just' another person. but I'm one of the most unique people out there, and your know just as well as i do, that unique sells.

P.S, Yes this photo has been used before, deal with it.

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