Monday 4 July 2011

Scheiße and the problem with Lady Gaga‏

Last year i had expected Gaga to start to descending in popularity, however I have been mainly proven wrong. Lady Gaga, in my eyes, is on an edge, an edge of fashion that now a majority just don't get or understand. It's quick to judge costume or makeup choices but a true artist will see through the aesthetics of it all and see the symbolism behind. The 2008 years of The Fame are now buried under monster themes and heavily religious taboo that yes gets headlines, but is it all just unnecessary.

A true artist will create whatever they want, and not nothing about would this sell, and would people understand this? I am in love with art, but now, I feel Gaga is more about the art than the music. I was one of the many people to be disappointed by Gaga's latest video 'Edge of Glory' but after watching it once more, I understood the video in a way which I wanted. I see the video as a musical piece in any musical film. It's really where fantasy meets reality, and if there were scenes on either side of this video, i picture a plain looking Gaga singing with a hairbrush, wishing to be dancing around on empty smokey lit streets. I think all fans can connect to that, the lifestyle is truly appealing and wouldn't everyone love to dance and sing in the streets of New York City??

Like many, I've grown bored of Gagas fashion film looking videos, maybe bored is the wrong word, but I feel she needs to take a break, like Edge Of Glory, and make it more about the music.
When I listen to Scheiße‏, which I think should be a soon released single, I picture Gaga in a german burlesque club, like a musical, and like the film Flashdance. The beginning of the HBO special of Gaga in black and white should be similar to the opening of the video. It's how I see the video, a take on the red light district, but really the glamorous side of Burlesque, much how the 2010 film Burlesque looked. The showgirls here aren't about nudity, it's about testing, and using their sexuality to overpower the men, much like a femme fatale figure. The video should be what women should be, powerful, sexual and dominant. And all of this should be presented in a way that anyone can enjoy watching, much like Just Dance of Poker Face.

The problem with Scheiße‏ being a single is that radio stations seem to blank out Gaga more than any other artist, and will anyone even be able to search it on itunes? Even i don't know how to spell it without a quick minute check on google.
Im guessing Scheiße‏ will be called 'Without the' if it's going to be like Rihanna S&M A.K.A 'Come On'

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