Saturday 20 August 2011

I'll forgive and forget

I'll forgive and forget - Kylie

It's fair to say I forgot about posting this photo, what I don't forget is how much nail varnish i managed to get everywhere. I create makeup looks to learn, I know their far from perfect, but that's just me, I'm a diamond in the rough. If people aren't going to teach me how to do something, I'll make sure I teach myself, and this look taught me that if you want to have black liquid on your fingers, do not use black nail varnish.

And yes I'm in a blue and purple stage of my life, I love the colours together and I've always wanted to use them, and since watching Lady Gagas Edge of Glory video i was just inspired to have a go myself. This photo would probably have worked better without the hand, but I used this particular shot because it brings back memories of creating, and shooting a look whilst on Skype to one of my close friends, although were worlds apart. It's everything a photography should be about, it brings back memories, and this one has been captured forever and now shared with you and others to enjoy, criticise, comment on and really what i hope, to take inspiration from.

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