Thursday 11 August 2011

I've got a sweet tooth and strawberry youth

I've got a sweet tooth and strawberry youth - Jeffree Star

Summer is nearly over, which yes can be depressing for some, but a blessing for others. When summers over, fashion week begins so hello new clothes!! I think as a whole, this summer fashion, in high street shops, has been awful. High street stores need a new look, fashion has become boring, they need to study harder at fashion shows, and instead of copying designers and making it cheaper and less designed, they need to work how a fashion designer works. They need to watch a fashion show, get ideas and add something else into the mix. It's all very well sticking to one trend season in season out, but their only trends, and fashion rules are meant to be broken, only if you can do a better job of it yourself. You can buy a copied version of a Alexander McQueen scarf in most high street stores right now, I'm sorry but not only is that disrespectful, it's stealing. People need to appreciate fashion more, it's an art form, not something you can just steal and adapt.

So going completely off topic, summers over, so eat as many strawberry as you can, with cream, and ice cream, and maybe some meringue, and if you don't like any of those, then there's something definitely wrong with you!

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