Sunday 4 September 2011

Welcome To The Masquerade

Welcome To The Masquerade - Thousand Foot Krutch

Illamasqua, makeup for your alter ego. What makes this make-up brand stand out above the rest for me, is that it gets, understands, and is able to communicate with like minded people through the media of makeup. I've used their latest collection as inspiration for this shoot, The Theatre Of The Nameless. Firstly, can I just point out how amazing that title is?! Theirs something magical about theatre that has similarities to the fashion world. Actors on stage are mainly seen as nameless people, their almost like the fashion mannequins of the stage, their identity is hidden, like it is in both worlds. We may not know the names of our favourite singers in a band, we may not even know the real, and full names of our favourite singers, but does it really matter? We live in a nameless world, it's not our names that define who we are, it's our identities who set us apart.

Illamasquas Autumn/Winter collection is out now online and in store. The beauty of their makeup is that you can use it exactly how you want or how much you want, for a stubble or dramatic look, day or night. It's all about showing your inner alter-ego to the world, that's just waiting to be set free.

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