Sunday 15 January 2012

Smokey Eyes Tutorial - Drugstore & MAC

So creating a smokey eye look can be the hardest thing ever, if you don't have the tools, have them, and it's basically plain sailing!
I needed some new brushes that I just wanted to experiment with and chuck, so I used my Topman, which soon became Topshop vouchers on brushes! Brushes I bought were:

Smudge brush £5
Smokey eyes brush £7
Eveshadow brush £4

After using these brushes I can honestly say they were amazing, if they will last is another thing, but if you want a good makeup brush for everyday use, it's definitely worth spending the extra money on some MAC or Illamasqua brushes!

I actually used a mixture of white, one was a £1 eyeshadow from MUA - can buy in Superdrug (shade Pearl) and MAC (Gesso). £1 eye shadows are all good, but it really does cake the eye, and can appear cracked on the eyes, so although I used it, it was really just for experimentation! And you can never go wrong with Gesso, a white shadow is a must, why? It opens up your eyes and makes them appear bigger!

MAC (Ambience) was used as a mid colour which has some silver pigment in, and finally MAC (Carbon) was used around eyes.

So white goes all over eye and under eye brow, silver in crease, and finish it off with black! Oh and then i finished it off with Barry M to go over the white! I have no idea the name of it, it was shade 15 if that helps? I wouldn't use that shade again, it's more silver/gold, but I didn't have the patience to find my silver one!

Oh and lipstick is Lady Gaga Viva Glam I, and eyelashes were a Poundland special. Yes Poundland, i do love a bargain!

Any comments or queries let me know and ill get back to you!

Friday 13 January 2012

Final Major Project

Holidays are always meant to e a time for taking a break, yet it never seems to happen. You suddenly find yourself getting stressed, and really doing more work than you normally do, more work, that you don't get paid for, not that i get paid at the moment anyway!

So 2010 is a new year and this Vanity Nightmare is finishing my time at university. It's my Final Major Project now, and I've basically made it up myself. The brand? Illamasqua. Why? It's a makeup brand that gets by on creating makeup not just to look good, but it acts as an extension of your personality. A typical person may use makeup to create an illusion on the face or just to look pretty, with Illamasqua, the looks you create can be as dramatic as you like, and what's best is that your surrounded by similar minded people.

This project will be my life for the next 15 or so weeks, and it's time to start creating some ideas of what these look could look like! And yes, they will never look as good as a creation by Alex Box, but hopefully they will actually be ok. It can take a year to create the perfect new makeup collection, which I have about 3 weeks, so this will be fun!

Initial idea? Maybe, it's still a little bland and where are the false eyelashes?!

More posts will soon follow, oh and if anyone wishes to buy me a mulberry bag, please feel free to do so,