Monday 30 April 2012

Aquatic Atlantis

Image from created collection for my FMP in the style of Illamasqua.
Makeup, nails, styling, photography and editing by Mark Small

Sunday 29 April 2012

Aquatic Atlantis

Image from created collection for my FMP in the style of Illamasqua.
Makeup, nails, styling, photography and editing by Mark Small

Saturday 28 April 2012

Aquatic Atlantis

Another image shot, styled, edited and created by myself for my self created Illamasqua project for university. The deadline for this project is on the 8th of May and till then I shall be posting a new image everyday. There's no real need for a long post for each, plus I'm rather busy this week! So keep your eyes peeled, enjoy and let me know what you think! x

Thursday 26 April 2012

Aquatic Atlantis

Another little preview from the project I've been working on recently.

Although this whole collection was created as if Illamasqua were to make it, I only used two of their products which was Rich Liquid Foundation in 100 and Precision Ink in Havoc. Due to budget, the rest of the makeup is a mixture of cheaper highstreet makeup which was on the lowest scale of that, most of the eye liner used and shading was makeup that only costs a pound.

A good makeup artist doesn't just use all the same products of one makeup company, and if it's ok to mix vintage Chanel with highstreet, then it's fine to do the same with makeup. It's good to experiment, but if your wearing some cheaper brands on a night out, not expect them to still be visible at the end of the night!

Wednesday 25 April 2012

I am done with it

I am done with it - Perfume Genius

So I'm taking these lyrics out of context, but I'm done with it, I've sent my work off to print. I've ordered 10 copies, don't really know why, I want to give copies to various people and I've had a complete guardian angel at Illamasqua who's helped me so much throughout this project so I hope I've done her proud and obviously Illamasqua! I've 'created' new products for the collection, and when i say created, i mean changed the colours of their products to ones they don't currently have.

It's funny, because some of my products changed throughout this project, but I was always set on creating a teal lipstick for Illamasqua. When i was doing my research, i saw a purple, and a dark blue, but hang on, wheres teal? I'm kind of obsessed with teal right now, i guess everyone is, i mean it is the current trend, well maybe it's not anymore, sometimes when you read vogue and look at trend forecasting companies, you have no idea what year your style is 'on trend' BUT anyway, Illamasqua released their actual Spring/Summer collection, not some student one that I've created, and they created a teal! So they obviously stole my idea, which I'm totally joking about! I thought up the colour just before December where as they most likely thought of it the beginning of last year! You have to hand it to Illamasqua, they are pretty much flawless in what they do.

So anyway, I will carry on with posting images from my lookbook and eventually put the whole thing up online here!

And yes every things had a little photoshop, and i know I'm not that good at makeup, but I have the ideas, the passion and the drive to do what i want to do, and here i am doing it.

Tuesday 24 April 2012


With exactly two weeks until the deadline, it's all rather hectic for everyone right now! I may have been ill from a fever, then chest infection, to just ill, but did that stop me working?! Yes it did, but it's time to catch up. I'm in the process of creating my fashion film, and lets just say, if you have nude nail polish and your handling food colouring, the tip is to not handle it, to be honest, don't go anywhere near it. I now have yellow nails, but on the plus side you could probably play around with nail polish and food colouring to create new and exciting shades!

So anyway, back to the point.

My final majour project looks at ways makeup brand Illamasqua, can appeal to more people, and to gain more publicity. To do this, I've created my own little collection. When i say little, i mean big, and here's one shot that didn't make the look book, but will be used online and etc. Another post coming tomorrow!

Spring/Summer Aquatic Atlantis, will be coming soon!

Hair, Makeup, Photography and Styling by yours truly

Saturday 21 April 2012

To Do List

I don't typically talk about other sites on this blog, well I haven't yet and the is a first time for everything! So before I start tweeting, facebooking, tumblr and post likely doing some instagram next week to show off my FMP, I thought I'd let you know about this little gem of a website!

So if your out and about in London with a little bit of extra cash to splash (were talking about pennies here) then check out This website gives you a fantastic list of events around London that are split into sections. You can see events/shows/exhibitions for under £10 or see what the latest offers are around London and also, whats free!. One featured offer is 50% off for students on Lomography, but don't think these offers are just aimed at students, they are aimed at everyone!

As To Do List say, It's free, cheap & offbeat guide to London.

Check them out on the website, tweet or facebook them! Details are below

Friday 20 April 2012


Another initial look from my FMP for my Illamasqua inspired collection.  The document has now been sent off and is awaiting a proof to be carried out.  This means that once I've approved it, i can share all my images I've taken for it!  Rather excited to share to be honest!

Making a new collection for Illamasqua was probably the hardest thing I've ever had to do.  Illamasqua will typically have a whole team to create a collection over months and months.  That was something i didn't have, and not only that, it was just me.  I decided to create the products, create the makeup, create nails, style and take the photographs of the models.  Not only that, i became graphic designer to create the look book, and although was extremely stressful to do all these things, i enjoyed every moment.  Next week i will start posting the images once a proof has been sent to me, so expect to see some more pictures of other people, and also more of me!

If anyone has a makeup look request that's a little different, let me know and ill give it a go!

Thursday 19 April 2012

The fashion of his love

The fashion of his love - Lady Gaga
This look was created as an initial makeup look for my FMP, but I quite like this image so I thought i would share it with you all!

The people I seem to meet these days don't seem to get any of my Gaga references, and i'm thinking well Born This Way has been out for ages, why wouldn't you?  Then i think, ok, maybe not everyone i talk to has posters of Gaga all over their room, on t-shirts, on badges, on bracelets, really that bitch is on everything, and i wouldn't have it any other way.  If you ask me she should be on more!

So on the rare change that you've never listened to this song, please do!  I love this album for so many reasons, one is the fact some tracks make you want to dance, or make you feel happy, but really, when you listen to the lyrics, there's more to some words and some backing tracks.  This quite a happy sounding song, but it's also bittersweet.  The fashion of his love refers to the relationship between McQueen and Gaga, and it's a horrible feeling to loose a friend close to you, especially someone who has impacted your life as much as them.

The Mexican day of the dead, celebrates past family and friends, and they celebrate all the positives, and celebrate their life.  There's a time for mourning, but there's also time for celebrating, and don't forget that.

Wednesday 18 April 2012

Arcade Game Series

Video Games - Lana Del Rey

I thought I would finish this series with a a typical blog entry from myself, a lyric!  Looking back now I can see it looks like I've copied a Bowie image, but that was never the intention, and since when i created these looks it was based around video games, I never really researched into Bowie.  It was most likely a self-conscious move, and this is my favourite image from this series.

Video games can often ruin relationships, but they can also form them.  They can create friendship bonds, and can also grow people apart from one another.  I think everything in life works this way, you can never have something, without loosing something at the same time.  You have to look at the situation, and work out what truly matters to you most, and choose.

Tuesday 17 April 2012

Arcade Game Series

Who's that Pacman

My hair wasn't actually ginger at this stage, it was more of a brown/red but I got a little excited with photo shop, with really all these photos.  I also changed it to give a little wink to Bowie, as where would the 80's be without him?  I don't think I've ever owned Pacman, but i do love the idea of the game.  Older people always say that the little messages people put in music is harming children.  Really all they do is point out the meaning.

I never knew what Britney's 'If you seek amy' meant
Or how sexual Vengaboys 'boom boom boom' was

Fact is, my generation grew up with Pacman, basically a man running around eating pills.  Yet everyone seems to be OK about this?  Music and games aren't the ones to damage society, it's people.

Monday 16 April 2012

Arcade Game Series

What makes you a space invader

Today I bring you the next photo from this little series.  It's funny when you think back about the 80's, not that I actually lived there, and I'm not entirely sure Space Invaders was around either.  Give me a fashion era and i can do that, arcade games, not so much.  I would really love to change these looks and update them as there isn't really much to them.

Sunday 15 April 2012

Arcade Game Series

Down with the Tetris
I just realised I've never posted any of these pictures on this site. Here's the first image, one out of four, from my Arcade Game Series. I created this images as part of a University Project and we worked with the Paper Eaters, also known as the 'The Girls'. They had previous created an installation in Selfridges, and now they came to Southampton to create something different. Their work is very 80's and twists childhood naivety, into something that borderlines sinister, but still all very girly.
This was actually one of the first times i had ever started to practise makeup, so please excuse me for not being the best!

Wednesday 4 April 2012

No-one will answer your prayers until you take off that dress

No-one will answer your prayers until you take off that dress - Perfume Genius

OK. So I've given in, i can't hold off any longer showing some pictures from my FMP. Still keeping it all hush hush and under wraps, for no real reason really, i don't even know myself why I'm not doing it. Although i do hate it when people see things in working progress...

So here's one shot from the shoots I've finished. I'm not even using this shot in the project, there's no place to put it, but I'm actually in love with this image!

Makeup, Nails, Hair, Styling and Photography by me!

And if you haven't already guessed, this isn't re-touched so excuse me for it being so messy!

And another thing, if your in need of relaxing music, or music to turn on and can just sit back and cry cause your life is totally fucked up, then put some Perfume Genius on, such a beaut of an artist. Maybe I should do a review on his music, may even do some makeup looks inspired by his tracks, that might be fun!

Anyway I'm rambling, need a moral for this post though...

This picture and you have something in common, they are both working progresses, nothing is perfect, nothing lasts and things can easily change for the better.