Tuesday 24 April 2012


With exactly two weeks until the deadline, it's all rather hectic for everyone right now! I may have been ill from a fever, then chest infection, to just ill, but did that stop me working?! Yes it did, but it's time to catch up. I'm in the process of creating my fashion film, and lets just say, if you have nude nail polish and your handling food colouring, the tip is to not handle it, to be honest, don't go anywhere near it. I now have yellow nails, but on the plus side you could probably play around with nail polish and food colouring to create new and exciting shades!

So anyway, back to the point.

My final majour project looks at ways makeup brand Illamasqua, can appeal to more people, and to gain more publicity. To do this, I've created my own little collection. When i say little, i mean big, and here's one shot that didn't make the look book, but will be used online and etc. Another post coming tomorrow!

Spring/Summer Aquatic Atlantis, will be coming soon!

Hair, Makeup, Photography and Styling by yours truly

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