Tuesday 17 April 2012

Arcade Game Series

Who's that Pacman

My hair wasn't actually ginger at this stage, it was more of a brown/red but I got a little excited with photo shop, with really all these photos.  I also changed it to give a little wink to Bowie, as where would the 80's be without him?  I don't think I've ever owned Pacman, but i do love the idea of the game.  Older people always say that the little messages people put in music is harming children.  Really all they do is point out the meaning.

I never knew what Britney's 'If you seek amy' meant
Or how sexual Vengaboys 'boom boom boom' was

Fact is, my generation grew up with Pacman, basically a man running around eating pills.  Yet everyone seems to be OK about this?  Music and games aren't the ones to damage society, it's people.

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