Thursday 19 April 2012

The fashion of his love

The fashion of his love - Lady Gaga
This look was created as an initial makeup look for my FMP, but I quite like this image so I thought i would share it with you all!

The people I seem to meet these days don't seem to get any of my Gaga references, and i'm thinking well Born This Way has been out for ages, why wouldn't you?  Then i think, ok, maybe not everyone i talk to has posters of Gaga all over their room, on t-shirts, on badges, on bracelets, really that bitch is on everything, and i wouldn't have it any other way.  If you ask me she should be on more!

So on the rare change that you've never listened to this song, please do!  I love this album for so many reasons, one is the fact some tracks make you want to dance, or make you feel happy, but really, when you listen to the lyrics, there's more to some words and some backing tracks.  This quite a happy sounding song, but it's also bittersweet.  The fashion of his love refers to the relationship between McQueen and Gaga, and it's a horrible feeling to loose a friend close to you, especially someone who has impacted your life as much as them.

The Mexican day of the dead, celebrates past family and friends, and they celebrate all the positives, and celebrate their life.  There's a time for mourning, but there's also time for celebrating, and don't forget that.

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