Friday 20 April 2012


Another initial look from my FMP for my Illamasqua inspired collection.  The document has now been sent off and is awaiting a proof to be carried out.  This means that once I've approved it, i can share all my images I've taken for it!  Rather excited to share to be honest!

Making a new collection for Illamasqua was probably the hardest thing I've ever had to do.  Illamasqua will typically have a whole team to create a collection over months and months.  That was something i didn't have, and not only that, it was just me.  I decided to create the products, create the makeup, create nails, style and take the photographs of the models.  Not only that, i became graphic designer to create the look book, and although was extremely stressful to do all these things, i enjoyed every moment.  Next week i will start posting the images once a proof has been sent to me, so expect to see some more pictures of other people, and also more of me!

If anyone has a makeup look request that's a little different, let me know and ill give it a go!

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