Wednesday 25 April 2012

I am done with it

I am done with it - Perfume Genius

So I'm taking these lyrics out of context, but I'm done with it, I've sent my work off to print. I've ordered 10 copies, don't really know why, I want to give copies to various people and I've had a complete guardian angel at Illamasqua who's helped me so much throughout this project so I hope I've done her proud and obviously Illamasqua! I've 'created' new products for the collection, and when i say created, i mean changed the colours of their products to ones they don't currently have.

It's funny, because some of my products changed throughout this project, but I was always set on creating a teal lipstick for Illamasqua. When i was doing my research, i saw a purple, and a dark blue, but hang on, wheres teal? I'm kind of obsessed with teal right now, i guess everyone is, i mean it is the current trend, well maybe it's not anymore, sometimes when you read vogue and look at trend forecasting companies, you have no idea what year your style is 'on trend' BUT anyway, Illamasqua released their actual Spring/Summer collection, not some student one that I've created, and they created a teal! So they obviously stole my idea, which I'm totally joking about! I thought up the colour just before December where as they most likely thought of it the beginning of last year! You have to hand it to Illamasqua, they are pretty much flawless in what they do.

So anyway, I will carry on with posting images from my lookbook and eventually put the whole thing up online here!

And yes every things had a little photoshop, and i know I'm not that good at makeup, but I have the ideas, the passion and the drive to do what i want to do, and here i am doing it.

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  1. Well done you! Bet you're so looking forward to the arrival of your finished prints! It's all very exciting with things like this, so fingers crossed all goes well :) xxx