Friday 11 May 2012

The limits in life

Left image - 3 years ago. Right image 3 weeks ago

Thought I would share these images with you as I was in the process of clearing up space on my laptop! I remember being told at in college how I would only work at fashion magazines such as Look or if I pushed it, Glamour. And don't get me wrong, those are both amazing places to work at, and looking back now, I can see why my tutor thought that. The picture I created is high street at it's very best, or worst, it's really up to personal views! 3 years on and now I'm told that I will only work at everything but those magazines, which isn't news to me. I've always had looks like the right image in my head for years but it's taken over 4 years to actually create it. I've only just started to get near where my heads actually at and I only have myself to blame.

The limits in life, the expectations of others shouldn't concern you at all, they shouldn't concern me. But, for some reason they do and the only person that creates limits on what you can do, is yourself. And I know this is true, yet I still have barriers in place that are stopping me from reaching my goal which is in it's self, is self destructing.

Who are we to create limits? If you think there's something that is stopping you from reaching your goals in life, step back and think, is there actually something stopping me? Or is it myself?

Who's to say you couldn't just pack up your bags tomorrow and start a new life in New York? No-one, and that's the mindset everyone should have in life.

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