Saturday 16 June 2012

End of year show

Took a trip down to sunny Southampton yesterday to see our end of year exhibition.  It was more of the same things that the Brick Lane and GFW had to offer but this time everyone had their work on display, including portfolios.  Every discipline had their own section within each room and it was great to see everyone's completed projects since half the time everyone was working on them.  It was interesting to see a range of portfolios and finally match up names to work I've seen during each of the shows.  There was a real divide between the quality of work, and it is most likely down to the fact 2 years of our courses didn't count towards our final grade.  So if anyone who's going to university, or studying now who reads this - always put 100% effort into any project, any experience is good experience, and always take proud in what your working on.
My tutor told me something early in my second year that I abide by, and that was - If your not happy with something, do it again - and that's really the key to the success of your work.

So although university is now over for others and myself, this journey that so many have taken isn't completely over yet, soon it will be results time.  So until then I will be bringing you lots more makeup inspired looks inspired by everything and anything, and I mean lots more, it's been a while!

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