Saturday 23 June 2012

Imagination, life is your creation

Imagination, life is your creation- Aqua
This look initially drew inspiration from Mass Effect 2, and yes you heard me right, an Xbox 360 game.  I was playing the game one day and thought, wow there are so many amazing makeup looks here just waiting to be created, so I gave my own twist on things.  This look was a rather a last minute shoot and I wasn't terribly happy with any of the results, just because I wasn't able to edit them how I wanted.  So anyway this was actually the last picture I took, and changed the original Xbox idea into an Aqua Barbie Girl one.
I've told you this whole process I went through because as cheesy as it sounds, life is your creation, and it all comes from your imagination.  Things sometimes don't go the way you initially planned and the only thing you can do is imagination something else up, and create that thought into a reality.

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