Friday 22 June 2012

Show me your teeth

Show me your teeth - Lady Gaga

So I thought I would share this image with you all,  I completely forgot about this collage until I saw this at Graduate Fashion Week.  This piece was a direct result of conducting a street style report within Soho, London.  A trend booklet was created and this collage shows a brief overview of the textures, colours and the overall experience of Soho.  Soho is by far my favourite place in London and it has a real balance of feeling unsafe, but completely safe all at the same time.  I say unsafe due to the fact around every corner is some kind of XXX rated shop, and when it's not a shop, a burlesque or strip club.  But then there's the clubs and theatres and overall it's just a very welcoming place for people who go there all the time, and for people who are on their very first visit.

Soho - Proving to everyone that there's more to things than what meets the eye.

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