Friday 15 June 2012

Vanity Nightmare at Graduate Fashion Week

What with the Brick Lane show and GFW, I have been rather busy this month and last.  Later tonight I will be visiting a week long exhibition at Southampton Solent University and that marks the end of these exhibitions.  I visited GFW on wednesday and attended the Gala 2 event, including the awards and drinks reception after.

Within the exhibition, each university had their own space to present students work.  GFW has always been mainly based around fashion design, and design was extremely dominant throughout the space in Earls Court.  Matthew Williamson and Daphne Guinness were just a few of the faces that cropped up throughout the event and it was a shame that there are not more people from the industry that come visit and discover new talent for themselves.  I was pleased to know that my University were not just showing off fashion designers work, but all work from all fashion courses.  After all, fashion design is just a small section of the fashion industry.  Without photographers or graphic designers, fashion weeks all over the world would be merely more than a whisper in the media, so I was pleased to see that our space showcased a range of fashion disciplines.  I was also pleased to see that 4 of my photographs were exhibited within the space and these can been seen above.
It will be interesting to see how GFW changes throughout each year.  Hopefully it will start to become less focused on fashion design, and more on photography, graphics, styling, makeup and marketing.  So congrats to students everywhere, thanks to the people who helped out, and thanks to all the people who attended the 21st Graduate Fashion Week at Earls Court 2012.

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