Sunday 1 July 2012

If I only had a heart

If I only had a heart - The Wizard of OZ

This look was created using Illamasqua Precision Ink in Abyss, Liquid Metal in Phenomena and an Eye Shadow from MAC in Carbon.  This is actually the first time I've used a Liquid Metal product from Illamasqua and I was surprised to find the texture wasn't something I had expected.  The look and texture of Liquid Metal is similair to that of any cream eye shadow such as Big Bounce Shadow by MAC.  What isn't the same is the consistancy, and while other cream shadows are more liquified, Liquid Metal is more of a soild, but upon touching the product with your finger or brush, your find it's actually very creamy and in my opinion one of the best products I've seen, Illusion d'Ombre by Chanel being another top product.
The great quality about Liquid Metal, and in fact any product from Illamasqua, is that you can use it as little or as much as you want.  It really makes Liquid Metal a versatile product and a must have for any makeup lover, artist and anyone who wants an eye shadow that will just pop and shine.

The look I created here really showcases how Liquid Metal can highlight the face and it enables you to create the illusion of depth with makeup.  I wanted to use both images here as the bottom image is something I used to do all the time after shooting a look or a project.  The effect is called Dark Strokes and without fail, I would always use this after shooting.  The reason why I used it so much as it would automatically transform an image into something much darker, and it would always convey the emotions I put into that image to a cue.  Post production in Photoshop is something I want to develop further so expect to see a lot more posts in the future with multiple outcomes.

And in response to my previous post, this look hasn't been retouched, as you can most likely tell!

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