Saturday 7 July 2012

We come together cuz opposites attract

We come together cuz opposites attract - Paula Abdul

Let me start by saying please don't judge me on how bad the shading is throughout these looks.  I was only just going to shade the cheeks pink/red, hence why they are the best and the rest just slowly gets worse.  This look was actually done in less than an hour with in between shoots, but I actually think the messy shading works on the last photo, the middle not so much.  The reason why I've kept all these stages is just the show the evolution in a look and I guess it gives you some insight into how I work.
The idea of this look is to split facial features into two, using a black to contour on one half, and as a highlight on the other.  This idea was then brought into the lips, brows and eyes.  So although the shading is incredibly messy, it gets across what I wanted to convey and create.  This will definitely be something I'm going to carry on with, spend more time on, and use more than just one brush and two colors.

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