Friday 6 July 2012

When all waters still

When all waters still - Perfume Genius

I'm trying to write a word out and for the life of me I can't actually spell it, and spell check isn't helping either.  Basically it gets on my nerves when I post 3 photos and they take up so much room.  Ok, moving on.  This look was actually posted a couple of posts ago and I actually really like this image so I thought rather that it hanging around on my external memory thing somewhere, I thought it could hang around here in cyber space!
I guess i feel a little bit like that right now, ever since finishing university life seems to be going nowhere, and nowhere soon.   I'm just endlessly wandering with nowhere to go.  Normally when things like this happen in my life the tables turn the next week and something amazing happens.  The only trouble is, my university results come out soon, so it's either going to be amazing news, or just another disappointment.

My life seems over before it's even begun.

This is one over dramatic vanity nightmare signing out x

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