Sunday 19 August 2012

Ultraviolet light Intoxicate my mind

Ultraviolet light Intoxicate my mind - McFly

This post explores the similarities and differences between an alter-ego and an avatar - makeup and computer generated graphics.  Both offer tools to a person, allowing them to change their identity yet the outcome is completely difrrent.  Whilst makeup allows a person to release their creativity and explore new outcomes in artistry, avatars hand everything to a person on a plate.  It has been around 3 weeks since my last post and my creativity has dispersed from me.  3 weeks ago is also when I decided to see for my myself, what the commotion is about Call of Duty.  This game has huge global following and although is certificated at a 18, many children from around 12 years old play the game.  Like many computer games, it is relatively repetitive, with missions and levels repeated constantly for an unlimited time.  So back to my point, the difference between an alter-ego and avatar, is that avatars can stop you from thinking for yourself.  And although I say this, this look resembles camouflage and the other image has an infrared look.  If Call of Duty has inspired this look, it wasn't intentional and if so, maybe this game has effected me more than I realize.

Throughout your life, you may come across a creative or writers block.  Sometimes it is not yourself creating this block, sometimes it can be a game, a lifestyle or person, and whatever form this block may be, it is important to recognize it, and extinguish it from your life.

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