Friday 25 January 2013

Teeth don’t want no money

Teeth don’t want no money - Lady Gaga

This makeup look is my nob to New York, that concrete jungle where dreams are made of.  My first post on my blog quoted that lyric because to me, New York is everything.  I have been incredibly lucky in life, but with luck comes compromise and it's been far from plain sailing.  I am incredibly aware of the balance of the life and it seems when something goes right or good for me, something is sacrificed.  I'm far from complaining and I'm incredibly grateful for what comes my way but at times I do think why.
I think it's incredibly important to not have any regrets in life.  A negative or positive issue in life shapes you into the person you are today and although I wish aspects of my memory can be erased, I'm glad they can't be because I've learnt to deal with those issues to some degree, and so can anyone if they put their mind to it.

Tags: dollar makeup, American makeup, money makeup, drag makeup, green drag makeup, teal makeup, teal wig, new york makeup

Makeup products used:
Illamasqua lipstick in apocalips
Illamasqua powder eye shadow in victim
Illamasqua loose powder in 10
Krolyan eye brow plastic
Krolan spirit gum
Max factor pan stik in nouveau beige 13
MAC studio fix fluid foundation in NC25
MAC select cover-up in NW20
MUA eye shadow in 2 pearl

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