Monday 14 January 2013

Zombie boy but his heart is so cold

First of all I would like to start of this post by saying WELCOME to a new and improved Vanity Nightmare.  The first volume of Vanity Nightmare was created nearly 2 years ago, and today is the start of Vanity Nightmare 2.0.  Over January and February, 4 pictures will be released per week which will then conclude at the end of February with the completed online volume.

The concept of this volume is the same as the first.  26 photoshoots based around 26 different lyrics from A - Z.  There is reason behind each chosen lyric and this will sometimes be discussed in each post along with makeup products.

These shoots were all taken within a month, excluding preparation and everything from concept, to makeup, photography and graphics was created by myself.  The reason why I feel the need to state this is to show anyone out there what one individual can do when they put their mind to something.  I take pride in everything I do and I am extremely proud of what I have been able to complete and the best part is sharing my work with all of you.

Zombie boy but his heart is so cold - Natalia Kills

Now onto the first image.  This was the single most challenging shoot I have created and I am actually quite surprised at how well it turned out.  I have used paint before many times for shoots, but for some reason my skin reacted heavily to this paint, and I can't actually describe the pain I went though.  So words from the wise - do not attempt this effect with paint!  Having saying that, I was able to turn this negative into a positive and channelled this pain into something I could use and this is what made this shoot so successful.  My inspiration for this look actually comes from 2 computer games, Resident Evil and Black Ops and computer games is where quite a lot of my inspiration comes from.  I see colours in different ways to others and recently I have become more conscious of their presence.  Inspiration can really come from anywhere and the best way to document this, for me at least is through photography.

Tags: zombie makeup, fake blood makeup, Halloween makeup, horror makeup, dead makeup

Makeup products used:
MAC studio fix powder foundation in N4
Barry M dazzle dust in 85
MAC eyeshadow in carbon
MAC technakohl eye-liner in graphblack
Snazaroo black face paint

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