Sunday 24 February 2013

Chase the devil for money, fame, for power, out of greed

Chase the devil for money, fame, for power, out of greed - Emeli Sande

Greed, a trait that it seems that alot of people have especially if you watch game shows.  We use the word 'greedy' as a negative term, yet we celebrate when someone takes a chance when gambling to get a bigger payout.  The definition of this term is to have an 'intense and selfish desire for something' and then the definition of selfish is 'lacking consideration for others; concerned chiefly with one's own personal profit or pleasure'.  We celebrate when someone wins who wants to be a millionaire, and commend them for getting that far, yet they had some level of greed and some level of lack of consideration for others.  We shouldn't celebrate the fact that these people use greed to become rich yet we do, and no-one seems to give much thought into the situation.
This look is inspired by the Queen of Hearts as she was incredibly greedy and she did chase the devil for money, fame and for power.

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Makeup products used:
Primark red eye shadow dust
Primark red kohl pencil
MAC zoomlash mascara in zoomblack
MAC powder eye shadow in carbon
MAC studio fix fluid foundation in NC25
Max factor pan stick
Illamasqua powder blusher in nymph
Coastal scents original 88 palette
Krolyan eye brow plastic
Krolyan spirit gum

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