Wednesday 20 February 2013

Electra heart, i’m miss sugar pink liquor liquor lips

Electra heart, i’m miss sugar pink liquor liquor lips - Marina and the Diamonds

This shoot was nightmare to say the least.  I split liquid latex everywhere, my skin had an allergic reaction to it, and I went nearly blind in one eye for a day.  I have no idea how it happened but I knew there was an issue but I thought no, I'm going to get the shot I want first.  You can see how cloudy and pink my eye is and it probably happened when I decided to use pink face paint as eye liner.  I'm not really sure of my logic behind that either but there we go.  This pink liquid latex not only stained my skin, but it also damaged my skin in what was most likely a chemical burn.  It took nearly a month for these burns to clear and at one point I did think I would have these scars forever.  At least I would have a story to tell but unfortunately it's a story of my own stupidity.  Sometimes I'm not really sure where I should stop, and where's my limit, the limit doesn't seen to exist for me.

Tags: liquid latex makeup, pink liquid latex makeup, pink makeup look, electric makeup look

Makeup products used:
MAC viva glam Lady Gaga lipstick
Snazaroo pink and white face paint
Makeup forever HD foundation in N117

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