Monday 18 February 2013

Fog out my daylight, torture my night

Fog out my daylight, torture my night - Mika

There are a few people out there who will know this lyric, it's pretty well hidden under one of my pet hates, artists who put 'bonus' songs after a track with over a 2 minute gap.  It turns a 4minute song into a 9 minute one, and I quite like this song, but I never play it because I'd need to play the album version of happy ending and fast forward to the right place.
I thought I'd discuss the story behind this makeup look because it's quite comical!  I drew inspiration from the film The Fog, and when i say this I just mean the movie poster, I don't think I could handle watching the film.  I knew I wanted to use liquid latex in this look to get the right consistency and that glossy finish.  Earlier in the week I had discovered I was allergic to liquid latex, but I wanted to create this look and nothing was going to stop me.  The smell of liquid latex is horrible on so many levels, but the fumes of these toxins are the real pain.  They seep into your eyes and make it unbearable to keep them open.  It really hurts and you shouldn't apply this near the eyes or mouth so don't do this yourself.  To combat this problem I had to put on swimming pool goggles to protect my eyes and I guess any sane person would stop there!  I now have liters of liquid latex sitting around and I don't think Ill be taking the same risk again, well, anytime soon!

Tags: mika makeup, nightmare makeup, crying makeup, black tears, black makeup, depressed makeup, sad makeup

Makeup products used:
Snazaroo black face paint
Rimmel lasting finish foundation in 200
MAC skin base visage primer

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