Sunday 17 February 2013

Glamazon, female phenomenon

Glamazon, female phenomenon - RuPaul

London fashion week is coming to an end but the fashion season is only half way through!  I thought I'd theme this post around the models on the catwalk, after all they are living Glamazons.  When editing images of these mythical creatures what first stands out are the garments.  My views have changed when it comes to perception of catwalk beauty and what is acceptable.  I used to be pro usage of a variety of shapes and sizes, but this all changed as soon as I started working with these images.  It's incredibly noticeable when a model is even an inch smaller than another and there's something about a models measurements that fill the frame of an image perfectly.  Models get alot of bad press about their body image, but people seem to forget that a lot of these girls are naturally skinny, and yes, alot of them are not, but I bet they eat alot less before the fashion season starts because they need to look their best.  Actors and actresses may either loose or put on alot of weight to be right for a certain role.  It doesn't teach us that this is how we should be, it's peoples own insecurities who think like that.  I was talking to my friend once about how I would love my hair, and she said to me that you have to accept that although other people have it, it's not possible for me, and it never will be.  This logic can be used in any situation, we shouldn't feel bad about our own bodies because they are so skinny for the simple fact that we are not them.
At the end of the day they are just doing their job, and I, and I doubt you, can fault that.

Tags: glamazon makeup, rupaul makeup, amazon makeup, teal wig makeup, drag makeup, green makeup look

Makeup products used:
Kroylan eye brow plastic
Kroylan spirit gum
Snazaroo green face paint
Coastal scents 88 original palette
A selection of MUA powder eye shadows
Primark loose eye shadow pigments
MAC studio fix fluid foundation in NC25
Max factor pan stik in nouveau beige 13
Illamasqua loose powder 10

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