Wednesday 13 February 2013

I set fire to the rain

I set fire to the rain - Adele

I never mean to create an image that has David Bowie aspects but somehow I manage to create them.  I'm not even a fan of Bowie, it's not as if I have pictures up of him everywhere that enter my mind subconsciously so I'm not sure where it comes from.  So moving on, this lyric is taken from Adele and she is one singer who I used to absolutely hate with a passion.  I couldn't stand her, and I shamefully turned my back on the TV to work during her someone like you performance.  It was a funny moment because I started to turn around slowly and actually watched it.  And like everyone else became obsessed with her after that.  I chose this lyric because it's often what I talk about, feeding on past negative experiences and making it into a positive.  It's all about turning something around and making it beneficial to you in someway.

Tags: phoenix makeup, bird makeup, fire makeup, Adele makeup

Makeup products used:
Illamasqua liquid eye-liner in scribe
Illamasqua false eye lashes
MUA heaven and earth and poptastic eye shadow palette
Kroylan eye brow plastic
Krolan spirit gum
Max factor pan stik in nouveau beige 13

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