Monday 11 February 2013

Judas is the demon i cling to

Judas is the demon i cling to - Lady Gaga

If you've been looking at products I've used to create various looks, you would have seen that I've used alot of products from MUA.  This brand is available from Superdrug and it's fantastic.  Eye shadows are £1 and most products are.  They are highly pigmented and if anything I've found them better to use than MAC eye shadows.  The texture makes it harder to blend, but you have to sacrifice somewhere.  This look was created 100% by MUA products, and by just one palette.  The palette is called heaven and earth and i think it was either £3 or £4 so it really is a bargain.  MUA is a fantastic gem, I have no idea how long they last so maybe that is their downfall but overall I simple cannot fault them!  Sometimes it's good to buy drug store makeup brands and sometimes it's good to buy high end ones, but if you want to experiment with makeup or just starting out, stick with MUA.

Tags: masculine makeup, boy in makeup, judas makeup, army makeup, cheekbone makeup

Makeup products used:
MUA heaven and earth makeup palette

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