Friday 8 February 2013

La vie en rose

La vie en rose - Edith Piaf

The translation of this lyric is 'Life in Pink', but not all translations are as easy as that.  There are a few french songs that I love, and although sometimes I think it would be great if these were in English  they would loose their translation.  You could say they are lost in translation, their meaning is stripped and they don't necessarily mean the same thing.  This post is dedicated to a friend of mine and were worlds apart, well an ocean apart, the Atlantic to be precise and shes a French Canadian.  What brought us together was a love of the same music, and although we are totally different, our opposites attract and we balance out each other quite well.  Music really is a universal language and it's reason like this why I love it so much.

This look was inspired by the burlesque and showgirls of Vegas along with the ballerina dancers of Swan Lake.  You could call in Pink Swan, maybe a sequel to Black Swan? Maybe not.

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Makeup products used:
Makeup forever HD foundation N117
MAC eye shadow in crystal avalanche & gesso

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