Friday 1 February 2013

Poison paradise im addicted

Poison paradise im addicted - Britney Spears 

Inspiration for this shoot came from Poison Ivy.  I love batman, in fact, I love any superhero or supervillian.  I am such a comic book nerd, in fact I'm just a nerd.  Art nerd, fashion nerd, game nerd, and you know what it's a good thing to be nerdy! It gets alot of bad press and people who typically call people nerds are ones who don't have any talent them self, so life lesson - let the haters hate.
The reason why I love Poison Ivy so much is because shes a femme fatale, a woman who gets what shes wants through her sexuality.  Not only is this look inspired by her, but it's also inspired by the Venus flytrap and that idea of something being a hypnotizing beauty that lures people in.

Tags: green makeup look, plant makeup, britney toxic makeup, venus flytrap makeup, red green makeup

Makeup products used:
Primark lime green eye shadow dust
Barry M dazzle dust 92
MUA eye shadow 5 pearl and 6 pearl
Snazaroo green face paint
Stargazer eye lashes
Coastal Scents 99 original palette

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