Monday 15 April 2013

Barbie teen look like strawberries

Link to: Queen supreme and barbie teen dreams
Link to: Red dipped fingers look like strawberries

Q - I have a slight obsession with Barbie so she was bound to pop up during Vanity Nightmare 2.0.  The preview for this shoot showcases the nail art which I created for this look.  I used one of my favourite nail polishes from OPI 'I lily love you' as it gives a fantastic full coverage pink glittery nail.  I then added buttons from a craft store to complete the look.  During the shoot I tired various looks to achieve the end result I wanted, and looking back now it kind of resembles the Nicki Minajs Pink Friday perfume bottle.  I don't think this is a bad thing at all because we seemed to be wanting to achieve the same look in capturing a certain Barbieness.

R - Blood dripping strawberries was the theme of the nail art I created here which I think is simple yet effective.  The nails are slightly faker that I had wished, in terms of using a polish for a natural coat, but the end result looks more realistic so job done!  I love the tongue and cheek of this lyric, and many lyrics Jeffree Star creates.  Although Jeffree is not a music masterpiece, what he does with lyrics can be, and there are certain lines that are really beautiful on their own.  It serves as a fantastic inspiration for me and I think it's extremely important to recognise your inspirations, not matter how obscure they may seem.

Link to: Vanity Nightmare 2.0

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