Monday 29 April 2013

Chase the devil i'll never tell

Link to: Chase the devil for money, fame, for power, out of greed
Link to: Don't ask me i'll never tell

C - Vegas, corruption and gambling were all themes which contributed towards the inspiration behind this shoot.  I also took the idea of 'having or showing your heart on your sleeve' and turned into having it on your head.  Someone is meant to be open to showing their affection if it's on their sleeve, but my definition to having it on your head is to use your heart as power and not as a weakness which love is often depicted by.  I thought of this idea while watching season 2 of Once Upon a Time which I am totally obsessed with.  I love this TV series as it reminds me of a book I once read entitled 'The book of lost things'.  Both of these plots/stories turn fairy tales around into something different and it probably appeals to me so much because I do the same here.  For example, I used an Emeli Sande lyric for this shoot, and she isn't saying chase the devil, what Emeli is actually doing is describing a guy who 'you won't find him trying to chase the devil'.
The headpiece was made out of playing cards whilst the nail art combined a clear nail varnish by OPI, with an eye shadow dust from Barry M to create this metallic glittery look.  The nails were then coated again with a clear top coat of OPI and heart shaped buttons were attached with nail glue.

D - The nail art created was a combination of OPI DS temptation and purple 3D glitter from a craft store.  The preview also shows an Illamasqua empty box which contained a set of black/purple eye false lashes.  This shoot was from the point of view of a ventriloquist doll, something that really has no voice of it's own.  Although the lyrics say don't ask me i'll never tell, what I am saying is that don't ask me, because I'll never tell the truth, or what you want to hear.  Ventriloquist dolls are almost like alter egos for the person controlling them, and they have the power to be as offensive or as polite as they wish to be, and to get away with it because it isn't really them.  The ventriloquist doll that I am portraying has a life of it's own and this idea was inspired partially by SAW, even though I've never seen any longer than 5 minutes of any of the films.  The ideas I've created here are a far cry from 'Call me maybe' - the song which these lyrics come from, but both are slightly physiological in their own way.

Link to: Vanity Nightmare 2.0

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