Saturday 27 April 2013

Electra heart fog out my daylight

Link to: Electra heart, i'm miss sugar pink liquor liquor lips
Link to: Fog out my daylight, torture my night

E - Inspired slightly by club kid culture, this shoot was to depict the messy side to glamour, while using the term lightly.  The nail art I created used a combination of Barry M glitter nail polish and red glitter segments.  The preview for this post came from one of the many images taken due to encountering a whole stack of problems during production.  I went blind temporally in one eye due to my combination of pink eye liner and face paint, and my eyes wouldn't stop crying due to the harsh fumes of the liquid latex.  It takes a whole lot of skill to produce everything yourself without any help, and while others will look at the final image, I will always see past that and remember how challenging this shoot was.

F - I create these posts because I love certain lyrics in music that sometimes get overlooked, and this is by far one of my favourites.  The song goes as follows.  Over my shoulder, running away.  Feels like i'm falling, losing my day.  Cold and dry.  Fog out my daylight torture my night.  Feels like i'm falling, far out of sight.  Mika writes nearly all of his lyrics by himself, and when not, others contribute alongside Mika.  I admire artists who create their own lyrics and it demonstrates that they have this fantastic package to offer and to share.  One of my biggest challenges during Vanity Nightmare 2.0 was something I didn't even think would be an issue, and that was digging up old feelings and emotions I had once buried.  I've come to realise that I suppress many of my emotions, some too difficult to handle still, and others I don't want to handle.  I learn and grow from my mistakes and I think it's important to not let something define you, but to allow it be apart of you.

Link to: Vanity Nightmare 2.0

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  1. Body painting can be so dangerous sometime that it can harm our body and skin so we have to use the body paint
    very carefully.

    1. yes I agree, the liquid latext I won't use again but I tend to only use products that are suitable for children's skin. I have such sensitive skin so I have to be careful! x