Thursday 25 April 2013

Hypnotized Glamazon

Link to: Glamazon, female phenomenon
Link to: Hypnotized by your destiny

G - Drag makeup is one, if not the most complicated type of makeup to do.  It requires certain knowledge and understanding and it takes a lot of practise of which I am still carrying out.  The preview I took for this shoot shows some of the materials I use when hiding my eyebrows.  So if you want drag tips and tricks, here are some for you right now.  Kryolan makeup is hard to find if your living in the UK, but from what i've seen, it's the best, so you need to invest in these things!  I bought all my kryolan makeup and kit from a theatre company online.  There are many out there and it's really easy to find using a quick google search!  I bought eye brow plastic, spirit gum and a remover as you still want some of your eyebrows on after this process!

H - I was initially going to have a black and white stripe effect, but I ran out of black nail polish, so I went for the next best thing!  When I was creating my nail art, I thought it was going to be hard to see in my shoots, so I didn't spend as much time as they deserved.  Although this nail art is simple, it works in my shoot and I have to thank Illamasqua for such an amazing white nail polish!

Link to: Vanity Nightmare 2.0

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