Sunday 21 April 2013

La vie en twilight

Link to: Kiss me beneath the milky twilight
Link to: La vie en rose

K - This look was my subtle nod to the twilight saga, which has undoubtedly been apart of many peoples lives.  I wanted to exaggerate the proportions of my face and really cute fine and defined lines for cheek bones, and more subtle definition for features such as the lips featured in the preview.  The difference between the lips in the final image and preview is all down to using a flash.  Using a camera flash picks up the highlights you create, but it makes it harder to showcase the shading you create.  This was just another reason why I wanted to include these previews as it shows a different side to the makeup, and if you wanted to try it for yourself then maybe you can see how to achieve this through shadows and highlights.

L - I struggled for ages to find the right lyric, and in fact any lyric that could be used, let alone work for L.  It then dawned on me that the answer was with me the whole time and that was La vive en rose.  I have an extremely close friend who lives in the french area of Canada and we both love this song, and often play it.  The translation of this song means life in pink so I themed this shoot around vegas showgirls.  I ended up using natural daylight to lit this shot and it allowed me to work in a different way when posing.  I wanted to capture the darker nature of showgirls, the more vunerable side and add some drama, and daylight allowed me to capture this.  To create this sequinned makeup, I first applied a base of pale pink eye shadow to my skin and lips.  I then slowly added eye lash glue around my eyes and lips so these sequins would adhere to them.  People often ask me why I don't use models when creating looks like this, and it all comes down to health and safety, so be extremely careful when attempting something like this as sequins aren't designed to go into your eyes and mouth!

Link to: Vanity Nightmare 2.0

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