Tuesday 9 April 2013

White lips your my best accessory

Link to: White lips pale face breathing in snowflakes
Link to: X-Accessory, you're my best accessory

W - This post was an example of creating a makeup look, and having no idea how you want the outcome to be.  This isn't merely because I had no end vision, it was more the case of wanting the makeup to take over, for it to create it's own result.  I have the luxury of wanting to work that way if I want and I see my creations as an art piece and not of a makeup look.  Reasons like that is why I am so keen to create new elements for my looks, such as nail art.  The nails I created here are a mixture of Illamasqua nail varnish Scorch, and white beaded pearls I found from a craft store.

X - This look was dedicated to Alexander McQueen and I went for clean, minimalistic nails.  Adding glitter is a fantastic, relatively cheap way to create a new look from your existing nail varnishes and I often do this to create new results.  These McQueen accessories may be read as material possessions, but in reality they are much more sentimental, and although these are my best accessories, what is best about these accessories are the connotations behind them that are meaningful to myself.

Link to: Vanity Nightmare 2.0

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