Saturday 6 April 2013

You better work zombie boy

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Today marks the start of my post and pre production posts on Vanity Nightmare 2.0.  When I was creating each look I would post a 'preview' on my instagram account and these images often showed elements that weren't on show in the final images, for example nails.  Very little retouching goes into my images and I hope you can take something away from these previews!  Now onto the first post.

Y - Inspired by beauty and drag queens, this post depicts the darker side of the beauty industry.  I decided this preview would be non makeup related, with a tiara and a wig.  Theres something magical about a tiara, it belongs on someones head yet here it has no meaning or belonging without one.  It represents the broken dreams, the beauty queens that didn't get their crowing glory, the beauty queens that were, who once were in the spotlight but no longer are, and finally, this tiara represents the beauty queens that will be.  The past, present and future.

Z - I mentioned above that I hoped these preview may help others who aspire to create makeup looks.  Makeup is all an illusion and you can see from the preview how, almost comical the red poster paint looks.  However, in contrast the final result shows a much more gruesome side.  Did I need to use fake blood for this look? No. In fact, poster paint gives a much more realistic dripping look, mainly because it is was still dripping!  Words from the wise, be carefull when using poster paint and remember this paint was developed to be on paper, not on skin.

Link to Vanity Nightmare 2.0

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