Wednesday 1 May 2013

A vision of ecstasy buried six feet under

Link to: A vision of ecstasy
Link to: Buried six feet under

A - This makeup look was inspired by video games such as Halo and Mass Effect.  I also took inspiration from Aquatic life as some fish have out of this world qualities.  I used 'Victim', an Illamasqua powder eye shadow mainly for this look as I wanted to create something that looked part alien and part human.  Illamasqua have such great unique eye shadows, and they allow you to use them in so many different ways to create different shades.  This eye shadow looks like an ordinary blue, but when you start building with it, it turns and evolves into a beautiful turquoise and because they are so pigmented they last for what seems like forever.
A is always a daunting shoot for me, as it's the first image people see when opening Vanity Nightmare 2.0 and because of this I often put it off.  It's like when starting a new page in a note pad, the first page is crisp and white and for some reason many of us are too scared to ruin or mess up the page.  Sometimes it's good to just go straight in there and do it, and others times it's better to plan.  Doing either will still end in having something written down on the page, but both create totally different results, sometimes good, and sometimes bad.  At the end of the day it's better to just do it, and people seem to waste too long thinking about something, and never actually getting around to doing it.  So my tip, is to do just that, and although your protecting yourself from mistakes by not doing something, your also wasting and loosing all the amazing things that could come your way if you just get out there, and do it.

B - This look was inspired by a sculpture I created when I was at college, and I wanted to reinvent it in a different medium such as makeup.  I chose this Katy Perry lyric from 'Firework' because at times it feels like you can be six feet under with no hope or no means of escape, and it was exactly how I felt when I created my sculpture.  Creating this look was almost like a session of self therapy for me and it's one of my strongest images because I have the strongest emotions towards the concept behind this look.  The sculpture I created in college was me turning something negative into to a positive and I found a way to channel my emotions into something constructive, which I believe is incredibly important for your own well being.  The nail art in the final image is barley visible and the metal nails on the false nails act as tool, a means of escape through clawing your way out of the dark.  Although this image overall is poorly lit, there is some light, and it can sometimes be hard to find in the literal and psychical sense.

Link to: Vanity Nightmare 2.0

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