Friday 3 May 2013

Diaries from a Vanity Nightmare - The Miss Carter Show - Beyonce @ the O2 London

I have decided to call this section of the site 'Diaries from a Vanity Nightmare' as these will be separate from makeup related posts.  I've decided to create this separate section as it takes time planning for a shoot, and often I have other commitments and generally doing other things in between which leads to delays in posts!  So to kick start this new segment is a Beyonce themed post!
After trying, and not succeeding to get a Beyonce ticket when they were released, I had to turn to other means, and I found myself on  My motto in life is is that something is worth what you would pay for it, and although I paid quite alot more than the face value, it was worth it.  I also then got an early entry ticket from which I strongly advise you to do, providing they haven't sold out for the day your going!

At the time the setlist was as follows:

'Run The World (Girls)' 'End of Time' 'Flaws And All' 'You Are a Queen (Interlude)''If I Were a Boy''Get Me Bodied''Baby Boy''Diva''Naughty Girl''Party''Freakum Dress''I Care''I Miss You''Schoolin' Life''Why Don't You Love Me''1+1''Irreplaceable''Love on Top''Survivor''Crazy In Love''Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)''Grown Woman''I Will Always Love You''Halo''Green Light'/'Suga Mama (Outro)'

This was my first time at being front row for a concert and it's such an amazing experience, it's almost on another level and it feels incredibly intimate and one-to-one.  It was also the best experience I've had at being standing at the O2, and absolutely nothing went wrong on the day which was kinda weird!  The only thing you could have said went 'wrong' was Beyonce throwing a bracelet at me, I missed it but about 1cm, it fell on the floor and one of the security guards walked off with it... ha, some nerve right?!
Best song of the night? All of them, worst song of the night? - Halo, and why? Because it meant the show was nearly finished :(

From the start to the finish I was snapping away with my camera, not looking at what I was pointing at, and hoping I would get at least one picture.  I took over 600 images and 200 were in focus, so result! I'm surprised at how good they came out actually, and it seemed that not only were my eyes fixated on Beyonce, but so was my camera

- These are all my images so please do not take without asking me first via - Thanks! x 
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  1. Did you purchase the beyhive pit tickets or the GA with an early entry pass?

  2. How many people were in the turnupgroup early entry please?

    1. Hi, sorry for the late reply! I think they only had maybe 100 tickets? thats just a guess tho! We got there at around 10 and there were only about 8 people in front of us! hardly anyone turned up for early entry until nearer the time! xx

  3. Hi there, Fantastic pics!!! In your opinion, what do you think is the best spot to stand stagewise, i'm only 5 foot so I just want best spot so that I can see most of the concert lol :-)

  4. Hey vanitynightmare, you seemed to have a great time, that's good :) I'll also be going to one of Beyoncé's concerts, in April, and I'll be in the Golden Circle as well. I bought an Early Entry package too, but I think I might just give it to someone else, because I don't actually want to be in the front rows.

    I was wondering, after you showed them your ID to get your wristband, did you have to show them your ID another time to get into the arena or, by then, the wristband + the ticket were enough to enter? Because, in that case, I can give away my EE wristband after picking it up. If the ID is repeatedly asked, then I'll just have to keep it to myself. Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Joe! Sorry for the late reply! It was so amazing thanks for taking time to look at my post! I queued up early and I just showed my ticket on the piece of paper I had. I can't remember if they actually scanned them then but I was allowed to sit down. Then like 4 hours or so later people came around to give early entry people their wristband and these were in envelopes with our names on - so really if you don't want it give it to someone else! Early entry meant was around 200 people I think so even people who had slept over night (about 20) still got in after all of us - some people even turned up like 30 minutes before it started and still got in before them. It's really up to you but then again I guess every venue is different! I'd say if you had the wristband then kept it as your get a much better view! :) xx