Friday 24 May 2013

The Dirty Smokey Eye

This was going to be one of my new set of shoots I'm currently planning, but I didn't like any of the full lengths, so I've scrapped!  Here are some scraps from it! The first photo was actually a zoomed in frame that I did by accident, so I think it's quite funny that it turned out quite nicely!

I don't often have nightmares, until two nights ago, and I am literally terrified to go to sleep now because I'm scared I'll be taken back there.  The world that I was in was a modern futuristic city, where instead of a tube/subway or metro system, were individual carriages, like those you would find on a Ferris wheel.  Anyway, one of the group was in trouble because you had to pass these tests on each floor and she failed.  As a result black thread was punctured through her cheeks multiple times and sewn through her skin around her waist.  If one of us didn't do it she was going to be ripped apart because the thread was tied so tightly around her.  I volunteered and all I can remember is a thread going through my cheeks and this out of this world pain I was experiencing.  Later in the dream someone else failed a challenge so thread magically sewed up their eyes and mouth...

I literally have no idea where these ideas came from as I never watch horror films, they scare me too much, and because I have such a vivid imagination I trick myself into thinking these are real!

So some of you may look at me differently, I know I am, well at least questioning myself.  What I think is unusual about this dream, isn't about the horrors I thought up, it's more the fact that I put myself forward to save someone.  I'm not sure if it's the same for everyone, but in my dreams I always do what I would react how I would in real life.  In the spare of the moment I'd like to think I would put my life in danger to help others, but like many I guess we will never really know till that moment comes up!

Anyway, like I said, I'm currently in the process of new shoots, and I'm not going to allow some failed shoots get in the way of that.  So expect a slight delay on makeup themed posts till I get my head together, and stay tuned for my new series of images! x

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