Wednesday 14 August 2013


Applause - Lady Gaga

No explanation is needed here, it's the start of a new era for Lady Gaga and maybe for Pop, Art and Culture.  To me, the format of her new material is like a roller coaster.  Not because there are highs and lows, it's because the format of the song has been cut up, messed around, and you may think your about to burst into a chorus, but your actually brought into something else that sounds like a different song.  Maybe that's a better way to describe it, there's multiple songs in one track, it shouldn't work, part of me wants it not to but it does.  I say part of me wants it to not work because over the past years music tracks follow, not a standard, but quite a typical pattern in terms of lyrics, chorus, lyrics, chorus, and we have become used to hearing this format.  'Applause' is more lyrics, lyrics, chorus, lyrics lyrics, chorus.  The pattern is different, there are sharp turns in the lyrics and I love the results!

This post is a celebration on multiple levels, it's my tribute to Gaga, my tribute to ARTPOP, it's my own take on the single cover and I've also slapped my Vanity Nightmare identity on it, quite literally!

Earlier this month I took part in Brighton Pride 2013 and I was part of the Rainbow Flag march.  I wanted to wear my 5 inch heels throughout the whole 3 mile + walk over 3 hours because although it killed, and I tripped 7 times (double yellow lines are a bitch to walk on!), the pain reminded me of why I'm doing it, and why Pride is so important.  A lot, if not all of the LGBT community have been, or are going through pain right now, whether that be emotional or physical, and we should fight for our human rights.  The pain that my feet felt was nothing compared to these real issues that are going on around the world and I wanted to use my strength to wear them for the duration of the parade.
The first Pride I went to nearly made me cry when I saw the parade.  I felt alone and very vulnerable at the time and seeing all these people celebrating who they were made me realize I could celebrate who I was.  And I didn't feel so alone.
I wanted to be apart of the parade because I know there will be people watching who felt exactly the same as I felt, and I wanted to be there for them.  All ages smiled and waved and some would give you that smile that you just can't hold back when your just so happy about something.  It was really emotional and it was such a perfect day.  I would definitely recommend being apart of a Pride parade near you, and if not in the parade, then volunteer to collect donations on the day!  

I have finally started a new set of makeup looks so these will start at the end of this month, maybe start of next, and continue until finished!  These are all themed on films/movies, I thought I'd take a break on music themed posts, and so far I've surprised myself with the results, so all is well!

VN x

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Makeup products used:
ALL Snazaroo products - White, Red, Yellow, Electric Metallic Blue
Illamasqua foundation brush used for white base

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